Recycling is protect

Not at the sea!

Recycling is saving.

Recycling is

thinking ahead


If we reduce the problem , we decrease the impact on the environment.


All materials and goods can have more than one life .


The reduction in recycling is important to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment.

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The toothbrush plastic

Did you know that, the plastic of a toothbrush is not recyclable,…

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Helping to preserve the environment

We are an environmentally conscious company, we want to live in a better environment
and leave legacy to future generations a better place to live.

Environmental protection plays a key role in this purpose, so
we aim to reduce the negative impact on the environment through sustainable recycling.

Environmental Allies

We recycle solid waste and recyclables collected:

  • Carton
  • Paper
  • Plastic

We use cutting edge technology in clean and green for the transformation of raw materials into new processes.

We support the ecological culture and education through educational programs promoting environmental awareness.


ORL provides our customers with excellent quality,
the best price and the time required for them,
with an efficient and highly professional service.

Always strives for excellence to exceed customer expectations.

  • Think of the Future

    Every day we work with recycled products and giving them a new use, improve the future.

  • Change th present

    Waste products continually changed by new development opportunities

  • Learn from the past

    Do not make the same mistakes, we accumulate knowledge and apply it to new generations.

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