The toothbrush plastic

Did you know that, the plastic of a toothbrush is not recyclable, or at least extremely difficult.

Only a few companies in the world are able to recycle this plastic.

Let’s do some calculations:

On average, a person uses 4 toothbrushes in a year, that’s about 360 toothbrushes throughout his life, and if we talk about all the toothbrushes that end up in the trash and in the sea, It gives us 46 million and 4,140 million in 80 years.

There are currently 6 billion people worldwide, of which 3.2 billion have secured access to dental hygiene using a plastic toothbrush.

The amount of annual plastic toothbrushes worldwide that end up in the sea, are calculations that we dare not do.

Instead of worrying, we want to take care, we want to be part of the solution, we want to have a positive impact, we want to help and you can be part of that.